100,000+ Quarry Images

I lost track around 100,000 and don’t really feel like counting the images.  To what end?

It is interesting to go through the folders and ‘find’ images that I didn’t give a second look to in the past as well as finding new techniques for post processing to handle troublesome images.

This post is where I’ll toss in images that have been given a second look or ones that have been processed a little differently than the original, etc.

This image is from 2003 and shows the last blocks of marble that were shipped from the Yule Quarry to Arlington National Cemetery to be used as headstones for fallen US soldiers.  The marble in this part of the quarry is snow white and a little softer (has a sulphur smell right after it is cut) than other areas.  Very beautiful and easy to carve.

Some of the crew are inspecting the marble behind the fallen wall.

This image was made a couple of weeks later as work progressed and more blocks were taken out of this bright white marble.  The discoloration on the marble is from muddy water and machines.

The front end loader is a workhorse in the quarry and is used to haul and move anything and everything.  These two images were shot very quickly as I was trying to catch the loader ‘bottoms up’ while it moved a 25,000 pound piece of marble.

When the quarry reopened in 1990 the crew cut into the wall and began making a new, very large room.  After 20 years the room has grown quite large and it’s about 200 feet or so from the ‘old’ wall to the ‘new’ back wall in the southern most part of the quarry.

The next image was made inside that back room with the ‘old’ wall just about at my back.  You can barely see the southern most wall at the top of the tiers of marble at the far end of the image.

The next image gives you a good idea of what is directly behind me in the image above.  Where the quarry worker is standing next to the control panel (near the middle of the image) is where I was standing when I made the above image.  The floor had not yet been taken out as it is in the image below.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time for this next image and managed to capture a quarry worker in the waning sunlight streaming through Portal #2.  I managed to get just this one shot before he moved out of the light.  Much of the marble for the Lincoln Memorial came from under this portal.

Inevitably I’m asked if I have a favorite image of the quarry out of the 100,000+  that I’ve made over the years and this next one is definitely one of my favorites.

It was made from nearly the top of Treasure Mountain looking over the quarry.  You can see a part of the quarry road to the right in the image.

The sky was full of huge, white, puffy clouds that day and while it makes for a great looking sky it can be a pain to get the quarry in the sunlight.  I just happened to catch it in an opening of the clouds.  The entire trip and day was worth it just for this one image.

This image made on a different day from about the same location shows what is on the left of the quarry.  Wild country.

After the 4th of July in 2003 the largest block of marble to ever be quarried inside the Yule quarry ( up until then ) was tipped.  The block weighed about 680,000 pounds and barely made a sound as it was cushioned on a mound of gravel to prevent fractures from any hard impact.

It was hoped that the replacement block for The Tomb of The Unknowns would come from this block but it was determined to be too risky thanks to some discoloration.  A perfect piece was taken from the heart of this block and is now a statue of President George H.W. Bush.

The #1 saw is used to open up new rooms and that’s just what is being started in the following image.

After a several days of cutting the room is beginning to take shape.  the staining on the marble is from the grease and hydraulic fluid used for the saw.  The marble itself is brilliant white, the whitest and purest marble in the world.

I’m standing at the entrance to this new room looking over the ‘great room’ of the quarry which is underneath Portal #3.  This area produced marble for the columns for the Lincoln Memorial.  You can see the emergency staircase in the distance.

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